Our Mission

Who Are We?

We are a Vietnamese Catholic Youth Group from the Archdiocese of Sydney, established in (1987).

Our Vision

We envision that the youth turn out to be spiritually mature Disciples of Christ, actively involved in the church and community, showing the love of Christ and sharing our faith with others. We provide a platform for youth from all areas of lives to come together to participate, share, bond, help each other, explore the bible and our faith in God. Working together in the light of God, we shall inspire hope to individuals and families in need through our community work, missionary work both locally and overseas.

Our Mission

Faith – Finding our faith in God and exploring the bible is our aim. We organise retreats to tackle current issues which youth faces today, so we can explore our challenges with the faith in ourselves, and the faith in God. We provide a platform for similar youths from all areas in Sydney to come together and participate, share and bond with each other, as well as attending regular youth masses and organised events.

Hope – We hope to find the power within our youth to not only live by our voices, but to live by our actions. As we cannot change the world, we can however help individuals who are lost to restore hope and provide direction. Together, we hope to create changes one step at a time, we entrust those whose lives we have changed to continue our work and provide hope to others like those before us.

Love – With hope comes the opportunity to love and to share our love to our less fortunate brothers and sister. From engaging in small charitable work within the youth group and the wider Vietnamese community, participating in local community events and appeals, blood donations, winter appeals, homeless food drives, to overseas missionary trips.

So my dear brothers and sisters, let us have FAITH in God, to never lose HOPE in him and to LOVE the way God loves us!

Our Goals

  • To provide a common forum (Youth Mass, Retreats, Prayers & Spiritual Seminars) for the youth where they can express themselves as young Christians and for a deeper spiritual growth.
  • Hands-on experience through working together to raise money for Thanh Nien charity and servicing the Vietnamese Catholic community.
  • To provide opportunities where the youth leaders can initiate, coordinate and direct religious, pastoral, social and missionary projects that will foster our Christian Faith.
  • To support the youth and young adults through life transitions and the obstacles of modern society.