As a youth movement, one of the biggest event of the year are our retreats. We pride ourselves on providing our participants a fantastic weekend filled with eye-opening discussions and fun activities.

We always work hard to make sure our participants experience the best and we’re always so happy to hear back from them. It makes all the late nights and hard work worthwhile.

Check out the testimonies of our most recent retreats below!

The journey did not end when the retreat did. Going home, I carried with me an envelope of affirmations from my soul sisters and brothers, a reminder of how invaluable the weekend spent together was.

Ann Pham – 2019

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It was truly something that I will never forget – an intimate moment where we disclosed our struggles and deepest feelings. 

Peter Tran – 2018

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I will honestly confess now, for those of you reading this, I never would have imagined, nor could possibly anticipate what was planned for the next few days. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend this year’s retreat and have gained an experience, something never-before, during the three-day period.

Cuong Nguyen – 2017

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The place began to hum with life as participants; both old and new, came through the front doors with all their luggage.
Music filled up the foyers and a sense of belonging had already started settling down into the place that we were going to call our home for the next 3 days.

Vivian Lai – 2016

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